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Now booking for April 30th–2nd (Fri–Sun).

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    Every day, Pepe 👈 searches the interwebs for…

    • Cheap flights ✈️
    • Awesome places to stay ✨
    • Fun things to do 🏄

    Then we package all that up into an affordable pre-planned weekend getaway.

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    Every Saturday 📆 night (7pm CST), we post brand new getaways that are booked 8 weeks in advance.

    The getaways you see are for the current week only, so act fast and book before they're gone! 🏃‍♀️

    This week, we have weekend getaways for April 30th–2nd. Next week we'll list new getaways for May 7th–9th.

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    You purchase the travel details of your perfect weekend getaway 🏖, which consists of…

    • Links to book your flights ✈️
    • Link to book your lodging 🏡
    • Flexible weekend itinerary 🏔
    • Exclusive travel deals 🍷


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